Information Technology

Information Security Advisory

The ISO 27001 standard is now the most internationally recognized standard for information systems governance and risk management. Based on the fact that everything that affects information in the organization needs to be secure, ISO 27001 governs information systems and data from a risk management approach. Be it information systems management, operations, development, infrastructure, physical protection, human resources or purchasing; organizations need to carefully consider risks to information and mitigate accordingly.

Global Business Bureau has a qualified team of experts with a long and proven track record of Information Systems Management (ISMS), Infrastructure and Networking, systems analysis, applications and analytics. Global Business Bureau will assist you in creating and implementing effective ISMS. Global Business Bureau will work with you to identify and mitigate risks that threaten and impact your organization and develop necessary management framework. Global Business Bureau will guide you step by step to achieve ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27001 is a must for any organization with reliance on information systems to manage its business.

Datacenter Certification

Based on business requirements, organizations need to qualify their datacenter to insure undisrupted business operations. Datacenters need to be prepared with suitable electrical and cabling system, physical access control and monitoring, protection from fire, water leakage and other hazards. Temperature and humidity need to be controlled at a level suitable for the operation. Monitors and alerts systems for the datacenter need to be in place to help administrators react quickly to events.

Some organizations need to have a 24×7 operation, some need to be up and running during business hours and some need to have a highly robust and resilient operation without tolerance to any downtime.

Accordingly, organizations need to qualify their datacenter to levels 1, 2, 3, 3+ and 4. With 1 being a basic datacenter satisfying the minimum accepted protection and operational requirements up to levels 3+ and 4 for zero downtime datacenters.

Global Business Bureau will help you address the needs of your organization and choose the appropriate datacenter level for your business. Our experts will guide you through the requirements and projects needed to achieve certification. Certification of a datacenter will increase customer confidence in the products & services provided.

Website certification

Companies are continuously relying on web services to run their business and serve customers. Companies involved in e-commerce or organizations with any kind of public service are particularly vulnerable to disruptions of web services or sabotage to content and user data.

Websites are increasingly vulnerable to attacks posing multiple risks to the website owner and end user. End user data in particular needs to be protected from theft and tamper. Vulnerabilities are not immediately known to the website owner and can only be found out through a methodic and rigorous test. Global Business Bureau has required specialized skills, applications and approach that identify such threats.

Global Business Bureau will assist you in identifying vulnerability areas and provide expert advice to protect your web sites and services. After risks are mitigated, the website can be certified as tested and secure.

IT Service Management (ITSMS)

Service providers need to govern their IT operation in an organized and documented manner to deliver consistent and controlled quality of service to their customers. This can be achieved through a Service Management System (SMS) addressing the planning, establishment, implementation, operation, monitoring, reviewing, maintenance and improvement of IT services.

Having an ITSMS in place helps service providers and organizations provide high quality IT services to clients and stakeholders.

Derived from ITIL and Cobit, ISO20000 has emerged as the unified standard for IT Services Management.

Through an experienced team of experts, Global Business Bureau will assist your organization in developing and implementing an ITSMS leading to certification in ISO 20000.