Strategy & Organizational Development

Business Strategy

In the absence of clear targets and without knowing where you stand any path looks good for your organization. Even organizations with a clear strategy often lack the ability to work it into the day-to-day operations of their organization.

There is a big difference between having instructions on how to stop the tanker and actually knowing when and how to do it properly.

Global Business Bureau brings operational, technology, and business experience to its clients’ situations. We work with our clients to determine their target organizational outcome. We compare the clients view against that of their customers. We provide a realistic review of what the client is actually doing and capable of delivering. Ultimately, we work with the client to not only validate the best target… but also to facilitate & create an operational path to get there.

Global Business Bureau approach is to analyze your present business situation and performance to facilitate for you appropriate short and long term business strategies and to develop workable business plan that would help you achieve the desired leadership position in the market, gain sharp competitive advantage and world class status.

We shall assist you in defining your strategic targets, business performance indicators, and designing and establishing the framework for monitoring and measuring key performance attributes.

Business Development Services

For companies and corporates that are keen to do it right from the first time, the exploration of new markets and prospects are time and resources consuming exercise. Challenges usually start with securing accurate information and data about markets, competitors, regulations and other business related issues. The process to tailor the right strategy or partnership for a new venture will always be more efficient with a knowledgeable and experienced local facilitator. Global Business Bureau simply can strengthen your position, evaluate the available options and best possibilities to reach your targets. Our advice will help you to reform your plans and develop more valuable business plans for your expansion in new regions before any investment decision. The knowledge of our resources shared with our clients puts them on a leading position in the market against other competitors. Starting with data and information ending with establishment of your subsidiaries, we go through very comprehensive advisory services according to the scope that our client require. It can cover the screening and selection of strategic partners, securing the introduction phase of potential strategic relations; ensuring the right selection of location and incubation platforms such as free zones and special economic platforms.

Global Business Bureau also serves local clients in the region with management and advisory services to source technologies and the know how transfers in various fields. Our service will widen the options and prospects of the client before commitments in an early planning stage. The service can start with very basic introduction scope to full fledge business development engagement that covers the evaluation stage and negotiations.

Our business partners and contacts with technical consultants in different fields give Global Business Bureau all the credentials to manage Greenfield industrial developments from concept to turnkey realization. The strong experience and knowledge of the managing partners enable us to manage all phases of the development from evaluation, planning, enabling, procurement, project management and delivery.

Organizational Re-structuring / Development

Global Business Bureau with its qualified management specialists can assist in evaluating clients’ current organizational and business behaviors. Our wealth of experience and exposure can assist in establishing and developing your organizational structure, resources planning and associated job profiling.

We ensure in our study benchmarking your resources and operational needs with similar organizations on a local and regional scale, evaluating lines of reporting, internal and external communication.

In developing your organizational structure we ensure that your vision and business strategies are fully accounted for and adopted for efficient management of change.